The Elixir Clinic VitaDrip details


VitaDrip treatment by The Elixir Clinic is the safest and most effective for sustaining long-term health and well being instead of taking vitamin pills that the body doesn't completely absorb.

With VitaDrip, you benefit 100% from the vitamins because they are infused directly in the blood flow.

There are different types of Vitamins drips like Immunity VitaDrip, Hydration VitaDrip, Anti-Ageing VitaDrip, Hair Growth VitaDrip and Antioxidant VitaDrip.

We knew about this treatment after seeing the photo that TV host Lojain Omran shared while taking the VitaDrip.

The Elixir Clinic VitaDrip details

You can get more information and book your infusion by calling 00971564992775

The Elixir Clinic email is [email protected]

You can find all details about the types, benefits and prices on their website

Prices of VitaDrip treatments range between AED 400 and AED 1600

The Elixir Clinic VitaDrip details