Why Visit Dubai in March?


Dubai has become a popular destination for holiday seekers, travellers, businesspeople and more in the past few decades. As the largest city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) it has transformed from an important trading port into one of the world’s most expensive cities.

Now the city is dominated by a grand marina and skyline filled with some of the tallest buildings in history, helping to propel the UAE’s leisure and tourism industry so that it’s forecast to reach 45 million visitors a year by 2021. For this reason, if you’re planning a trip then March could be the best time to go for many reasons.

Before it Gets Busy

Visiting Dubai from December until February can be a busy period, with plenty of people firstly heading over for a little winter sun. During January and early February, the Dubai Shopping Festival takes place which sees a surge in popularity as well.

Then in summer it can be quiet on the streets, especially throughout July and August as the city heats up, meaning many highlights in Dubai are shut. Things quieten down in March while there being plenty of people around to create a good atmosphere. With rising tourist numbers, going before these peak is a good idea.

Avoid Unbearable Weather

The average temperature in March is a comfortable 23°C, with highs of 27°C and lows of 17°C. This is much better than the unbearable heights of around 40°C that can be hit from June to September. Over winter you can expect lows of 15°C but for going on holiday you want it a little warmer.

For those who want to go swimming in the sea and relax on the beach, during March these temperatures mean it avoids being too cold or hot to be uncomfortable.

Take in the Month’s Events

Whether you’ve got an interest in the financial world such as trading bitcoin CFDs or a passion for reading, whatever your interests, there are many events going on in March to suit all tastes. Catch the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature in the first week, enjoy comedy from Dara O Brian for St Patrick’s Day or enjoy the sporting action of horseracing at the Dubai World Cup at the end of the month.

Not all of these events are on every March, but each year there’s always a variety of special events going on, most unlike anywhere else in the world. There are many great reasons to visit Dubai in March, so book your flights today!

Why Visit Dubai in March?