A new star appears: Huawei to announce HUAWEI nova 9 in the Middle East and Africa region

Could this be Huawei’s long awaited 2021 trendy flagship smartphone?


Huawei’s been in the consumer business since 2011. For the past 10 years, the company has made continuous investments into the R&D of its consumer products. Just in the smartphone space, Huawei pioneered a lot of technology and design that are seen in today’s phones. For instance, Huawei was the first to introduce a triple-camera setup with HUAWEI P20 Pro. With P30 Series came SuperZoom, which let consumers take incredible zoom shots that consumers didn’t think were possible with smartphones. And these two are just the tip of an iceberg. According to the company, Huawei is currently serving 730 million users, and connecting 1 billion devices worldwide. These figures attest to Huawei’s success and the trust consumers have in the company.
Huawei isn’t giving up when you factor in the oppressive market environment that Huawei was put in for the past year. The challenges have only strengthened Huawei’s resolve. The company
remains committed to consumers and to the international markets, and still has something up its sleeves that it can’t wait to show the world. In fact, Huawei’s preparing to unveil a new smartphone – HUAWEI nova 9.

What’s the HUAWEI nova Series?

Unless you are an avid Huawei fan, there is a good chance you have not heard of Huawei’s nova Series. Now in its sixth year, the HUAWEI nova Series is positioned as a trendy flagship smartphone for the younger generation. The name is derived from Latin. Nova, the singular adjective of Latin ‘novus,’ means new. It represents youth, vitality and confidence. Interestingly, the word ‘innovation’ also contains ‘nova’. As for the series itself, if we were to summarise it in three words, it would be: innovation, chic and identified. Let us go deeper and see how these three words relate to Huawei nova.

Innovation is the foundation of the HUAWEI nova Series. From the very beginning, the HUAWEI nova Series has always featured some of the best technology – including design, camera, fast-charging solutions, apps and more – that Huawei has to offer since its inception in 2016. The style of Huawei nova Series is chic and identified, having its own signature nova brand icon and coming in chic colourways and designs that stylishly adorn its users, as well as providing a premium entertainment experience, people who own this product have the unique “nova” style.

For instance, the HUAWEI nova Series is known for its extremely thin and lightweight devices, like the HUAWEI nova 5T being just 7.87mm thin and weighing just 174g , and the HUAWEI nova 7 with a 7.96mm thin body and a weight of 180g. The nova Series is also identified by the premium entertainment experiences it offers. With the HUAWEI nova Series, Huawei pioneered AI beautification features to take selfies to a new level. With the series, consumers are also given access to a wide range of amazing Huawei technology, such as Super Night Mode, software and battery optimisations, HUAWEI SuperCharge and more.

The next in line: HUAWEI nova 9

From the upcoming Trendy flagship & Camera King - HUAWEI nova 9, you can expect the same excellence in design, camera, charging technology and smart features as you get from other new Huawei smartphones.

From a design perspective, it is safe to assume you will get a nova that comes with a curved display with a high 120Hz refresh rate. In addition to the incredible colourways expressed in novel textures made with innovative manufacturing processes.
The camera won’t disappoint, they never do. The HUAWEI nova Series has always been an early adopter of flagship-grade technology. It comes with a 50MP Ultra Vision Camera at the back and the new Continuous Front/Rear Recording feature complemented by the 32MP front camera for easy, high-quality vlog creation.

As well as a long-lasting battery life, the 66W HUAWEI SuperCharge support ensures fast charging speeds, which help alleviate users’ low battery anxiety.

Like any other Huawei products, the HUAWEI nova 9 is steeped in Huawei’s innovative DNA, delivering excellent user experiences across different usage scenarios. The nova Series also enables multi-device connectivity for it to synergise with other devices in Huawei’s massive all-scenario ecosystem, such as the Huawei earbuds, smart watches, tablets and laptops.

Running on the latest version of EMUI 12, HUAWEI nova 9 provides smooth and fast control response as well as app launch experience. Whether for working, studying, remote communication, gaming, entertainment or asset editing, the new smartphone offers a brand-new, all-scenario interaction which is straightforward, fast and smooth, safe and reliable.

Look forward to 31st October

The launch of HUAWEI nova 9 reaffirms Huawei’s commitment to global consumers. The announcement is set to go live online for the region of Middle East and Africa on the 31st of October. Mark your calendars today to be among the first to learn more about the exciting device.

A new star appears: Huawei to announce HUAWEI nova 9 in the Middle East and Africa region

A new star appears: Huawei to announce HUAWEI nova 9 in the Middle East and Africa region

A new star appears: Huawei to announce HUAWEI nova 9 in the Middle East and Africa region

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