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About Cars Taxi Dubai

Cars Taxi Services Co LLC – Dubai was established in the year 2000 under the strategic vision of Government of Dubai in forming a franchised taxi operation system and we are very proud about the first franchisee company who started the taxi operation in April 2000.

Cars Taxi is a franchisee of RTA (Roads & Transport Authority) and currently operating 1,554 taxis, which is second largest taxi fleet…

Contact Info of Cars Taxi Dubai

Phone Number:(+971) 042017035
Phone Number:(+971) 042692900 (Complaints and Suggestions)
Phone Number:(+971) 042693344
Phone Number:(+971) 600522264 (Taxi Booking)
Fax Number:(+971) 042693340
Fax Number:(+971) 042693355

Address of Cars Taxi Dubai

 UAE :: Dubai Emirate \ New Dubai \ Dubai City