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About Patchi Umm Hurair 2 (Wafi Mall) Branch Dubai

Welcome to the pleasure of chocolate and the ultimate chocolate gifts offerings. A realm where sumptuous variety and distinctive quality meet the art of living. Our signature creations are the refined result of over 40 years of passion and savoir-faire.

Embrace a culture and unique heritage of exceptional chocolate gifts that make life exquisite. Patchi chocolate, boxes and gift arrangements invite you to share sensational generosity while experiencing the irresistible, elegant and innovative. Patchi adds a touch of exclusivity to your seasonal and every day gifts and celebrations. Express yourself and cherish the moment with a name that redefines quality of life. Make every day special with Patchi.

Patchi is a chocolate brand from Lebanon. Established by Nizar Choucair in 1974, it now has more than 140 locations in 29 countries. Patchi provides very amazing chocolates that are wrapped in a very elegant way to suit with different tastes and occasions. They currently have 8 branches around Kuwait.