The New Normal: Seeing The Full Scope Of Next-Gen Business Tech

Upgrading Your Business: The New Tech Tools You Need


Over the last few years, business has changed enormously. Well beyond those first awkward revolutions of the dot-com era, today’s businesses have so much technology easily at their disposal and, over the last eighteen months, they’ve had to deploy a surprising number of new tools.

Still, as organizations prepare to move forward into what many have dubbed “the new normal,” it’s vital that they carefully evaluate what technology they’ll rely on to succeed.

All Mobile, All The Time

Among the most important tools for professionals in the coming months will be that technology that allows workers to operate remotely from various locations. These include new 5G smartphones for better connectivity and faster web access, as well as VPN and other secure access tools. Even those workers who come back to the office will likely rotate through hybrid environments and, of course, there’s always business travel to account for when choosing devices.

Ditch The Email

Email has been one of the mainstays of the professional world for years now, but the fact is that we’re all overwhelmed by messages these days, and email engagement is down. Under the influence of younger, Gen Z workers – people who have never known a world without email – email may be on its way out. Instead, more businesses are modernizing by using a variety of chat platforms, project management tools, and even text messages in order to encourage efficient communication and quicker management.

Go Paperless

Just as businesses have been adopting an array of mobile technologies over the last decade, many have emphasized the idea of going paperless. Their motivations for taking the paperless route vary, however, from environmental reasons to increasing efficiency and organization. Whatever the reason, though, going paperless is more important than ever at this juncture, and it needs to be approached creatively.
For example, more businesses should be adopting esignature tools for handling contracts and other important documents, eliminating the need for hard copies and reducing time delays when completing transactions.

Embrace Automation

Automating business practices is both easier than ever because of new technology while also being remarkably difficult due to the need for more advanced technical skills. Still, with a growing number of platforms on the market, there’s something for everyone. Automating the CX process, in particular, can go a long way toward improving customer interactions and taking some of the pressure off staff by minimizing the need to involve them for routine issues.

Everything Is Different

While every business will need to make its own choices about technology based on industry, size, budget, and other factors, the most important thing for every organization to recognize is that everything is different now. Whether you’re a huge company like Levi with its next-gen digital stores or a mom-and-pop shop, we’re all reckoning with a complicated new professional ecosystem.
We can’t exactly know what the new normal will look like, but with the right tools and an attitude of flexibility, we can be prepared for whatever the world throws our way.

The New Normal: Seeing The Full Scope Of Next-Gen Business Tech