Calories in McDonald's French fries


Many people and especially kids and teenagers love McDonald’s French fries but you may be very surprised when you discover the amount of calories in these fries.

McDonald’s French fries are served in four sizes which are small size, regular, medium and large and the bigger the size, the more the calories.

The big size contains 808 calories and this is a very huge number! Don’t forget that the fries are just part of the meal so how many calories do you imagine to get along with the sandwich and drink.

The medium size of fries contains 685 calories, the regular size contains 486 calories and the small size contains 342 calories.

If you really love McDonald’s French fries, don’t stop eating them rather, control the portions so instead of getting the big size, get the small size to avoid huge amount of calories that will cause weight gain.

Calories in McDonald's French fries

Calories in McDonald's French fries

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