Burgan Bank Launches its Movember Health Awareness Campaign

In collaboration with Kuwait Hospital


Burgan Bank has launched its Movember campaign in partnership with Kuwait Hospital to mark November’s globally recognized annual event that focuses on raising awareness around men’s health issues. This campaign confirms the Bank's special interest in promoting community health and raising awareness of all issues and challenges that threaten its progress and well-being, as well as its strategic focus on establishing a culture of prevention.

Burgan’s Movember campaign encourages all male customers to take action for their health through a 50% discount on a comprehensive test package at Kuwait Hospital. Highlighting the Bank’s social responsibility strategy dedicated to driving social positive change, the campaign aims mainly at persuading men to embrace preventative measures through health routine checkups and early testing for various cancer types.
Worldwide, November marks various activities and events that aim at spreading awareness and advancing mindsets on men’s health issues. Burgan Bank has joined the global movement to support the efforts of promoting the knowledge and understanding of diseases and other health threats affecting men, through powerful and positive messages and initiatives.

Burgan Bank continues to invest in supporting various social, educational, cultural and health initiatives and programs, aligning its actions as a leading Kuwaiti financial institution with the needs and interests of the community and stressing its role as a driving force of social change to promote the community’s overall wellbeing.

Burgan Bank Launches its Movember Health Awareness Campaign

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