Le Pain Quotidien ... the perfect taste and service


Last night, we visited Le Pain Quotidien and particularly the Marina Crescent branch for dinner and the experience was really good. The waiter was really friendly and the service was fast and good so you don't have to wait for a long time. The manager also came for a short chat. She asked about our feedback and gave us a general idea about Le Pain Quotidien and all its branches.

The best dish and the most delicious was the Waterzooi of chicken with cream and sauteed rosemary potatoes known as Waterzooi de poulet in French. Its taste is really magical especially that of the cream. The photo below shows what Waterzooi of chicken looks like but in Le Pain Quotidien it's a little bit different whereby the potatoes are served separately and the vegetables are chopped differently.

Waterzooi of chicken consists of chicken breasts, cream, thyme, salt, white pepper, carrots, butter and other yummy ingredients along with crusty baguette for dipping that makes it a special dish. If you pass by Le Pain Quotidien, ask for the Waterzooi of chicken and give it a try. The dish price is 5.450 KD.

Also try the Lentil soup in organic bread with spinach and potatoes and shrimp dishes that are served with avocado sauce. All dishes are healthy, rich and fresh. Le Pain Quotidien ... the perfect taste and service.


Le Pain Quotidien ... the perfect taste and service

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