Burgan Bank supports CBK’s Eidity Campaign


Burgan Bank is participating in supporting the Eidity campaign in collaboration with the Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK), the Kuwait Banking Association (KBA), and KNET. As part of the campaign, a number of ATMs have been located at the Avenues and 360 Mall – starting April 24 and until May 4, 2022 – to provide bank customers and the public with cash bills in all denominations, due to increased demand during the Eid period.

The Eidity initiative has been quite successful over the course of the past few years, being well received by customers and the public at large, as it facilitates the easy withdrawal of Eidyas. On its part, Burgan Bank has always been committed to participating in and supporting all initiatives organized by CBK and KBA to help serve all customers of the Banking sector in Kuwait.

Every year, Burgan Bank also offers a complimentary Eidya delivery service to its Premier and Private Banking customers, in collaboration with Qiblah Concierge. As part of this service, the Bank delivers fresh bank notes in the denominations of the customer’s choice and to any location they prefer – be it their home or workplace – to save them the hassle of visiting a branch in person.

Burgan Bank supports CBK’s Eidity Campaign

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