Kuwait Pharmacy .. Al-Dawaeya, is everyone's pharmacy in Kuwait


Our journey began when we opened the first pharmacy from Al-Dawaeya Group of Pharmacies in 2009. Today, we have reached more than 20 pharmacies in Kuwait thanks to your trust, which became proudly: The Kuwait's Pharmacy. We strive to be the closest pharmacy to you, so we are keen to provide all your medical and cosmetic needs.

Al-Dawaeya Pharmacy, which is the best pharmacy in Kuwait, offers a range of products that you loved such as Crescina products which are an alternative to transplanting, Dalton and Perlamar products derived from marine ingredients, Trind nail care and a range of nutritional supplements such as Alpha-Vit and American Creations.

You can order these and other products by visiting Al-Dawaeya Pharmacy, contacting customer service, using Al-Dawaeya website, the best online pharmacy in Kuwait, or downloading the application.

Al Dawaeya Pharmacy Kuwait aims to provide the best services and the best offers so that you can easily get your requirements. You can take advantage of the points collection system to get more discounts. The pharmaceutical pharmacy is characterized by the presence of a local and international express delivery service.

You can contact Al Dawaeya Pharmacy: 1888124

Our team works hard to help you and answer your questions 24 hours a day. Please feel free to call or visit Al Dawaeya Pharmacy.

Kuwait Pharmacy .. Al-Dawaeya, is everyone's pharmacy in Kuwait

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