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About Teavana

Teavana is a specialty retailer offering varieties of premium loose-leaf teas and authentic artisanal teawares. We offer a multi-sensory experience, where people could enjoy fresh, high quality tea. We take our customers on a tea journey where they can be comfortable with the sight, smell and taste of our tea.

We search for the most exceptional whole tea leaves the world has to offer -…

Contact Info of Teavana

Phone Number:(965) 1821212 (Alshaya)
Email:[email protected]
Google Plus:teavana

Branches & Locations of Teavana in Kuwait

Teavana - Rai (Avenues, Grand Avenue)
Teavana - Rai (Avenues, Grand Avenue)

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Teavana - Egaila (The Gate)
Teavana - Egaila (The Gate)

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