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About Cinnabon Cafe & Sweets

Cinnabon® is the world-wide leader in the cinnamon roll bakery category.

Founded in Seattle, Washington in 1985, Cinnabon opened its first bakery on December 4, 1985 at Sea Tac Mall. At that time, only our Cinnabon Classic cinnamon rolls were served.

The brand has grown dramatically since then. To this date, the company had over 809 bakeries worldwide.
Cinnabon established its first store…

Contact Info of Cinnabon Cafe & Sweets

Phone Number:(+965) 1849090 (24 Hours Home Delivery & Customer Care)
Email:[email protected] (Feedback / Suggestion)
YouTube:Cinnabon Kuwait

Branches & Locations of Cinnabon Cafe & Sweets in Kuwait

Cinnabon - Sabah Al-Salem
Cinnabon - Sabah Al-Salem

 29  -  International Desserts

Cinnabon - Mahboula (Alia & Ghalia)
Cinnabon - Mahboula (Alia & Ghalia)

 26  -  International Desserts

Cinnabon - Rai (Avenues)
Cinnabon - Rai (Avenues)

 23  -  International Desserts

Cinnabon - Hawally (Muhallab)
Cinnabon - Hawally (Muhallab)

 22  -  International Desserts

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