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About BEST Al-Yousifi Electronics

In 1955 the founder Easa Husain Al-Yousifi, in his twenties, opened a small shop in Souk Al- Tujjar, the old merchants market, where he sold mainly coconut oil and bicycle spares. One day a representative from Matsushita of Japan, who had been trying to sell a small variety of products, mainly batteries, entered his shop. In those days the quality of Japanese goods was not known in Kuwait and the…

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Phone Number:(+965) 1809809
Phone Number:(+965) 1832323
Google Plus:BestAlYousifi

Branches & Locations of BEST Al-Yousifi Electronics in Kuwait

BEST Al-Yousifi - Jahra
BEST Al-Yousifi - Jahra

 137  -  Electronics Store

BEST Al-Yousifi - Rai
BEST Al-Yousifi - Rai

 78  -  Electronics Store

BEST Al-Yousifi - Hawalli (Tunis)
BEST Al-Yousifi - Hawalli (Tunis)

 65  -  Electronics Store

BEST Al-Yousifi - Shweikh
BEST Al-Yousifi - Shweikh

 60  -  Electronics Store

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