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 Al Domary Restaurant

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About Al Domary Restaurant

Al Domary restaurant is a Syrian restaurant that serves meals that reflect the original taste of Syria like Al Domary Shamiyat, Al Domary stuffed chicken, cold and hot Mazza, Kebbah shamiyah etc

Al Domary also has fast food sandwiches and meals like burger, crispy chicken, Shawarma, Fahita in addition to fresh juices, cocktails, Mocha, coffee and many more.

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Branches & Locations of Al Domary Restaurant in Kuwait

Al Domary - Hawalli
Al Domary - Hawalli

 23  -  Chicken, Oriental Restaurant

Al Domary - Salmiya
 Al Domary - Salmiya

 44  -  Chicken, Oriental Restaurant

Al Domary - Farwaniya
 Al Domary - Farwaniya

 13  -  Chicken, Oriental Restaurant

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