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 Al Hambra Restaurant

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About Al Hambra Restaurant

Whether you are sampling Al-Hambra's rich and varied buffet or enjoying a la carte dining, rest assured that every meal you experience is an unforgettable one.

In an elegant atmosphere, inspired by the Al-Hambra palace in Spain, the restaurant provides the perfect choice for the discerning taste.

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Phone Number:(+965) 22422055
Fax Number:(+965) 22448032
Email:[email protected]

Branches & Locations of Al Hambra Restaurant in Kuwait

Al Hambra - Kuwait City (Sheraton)
Al Hambra - Kuwait City (Sheraton)

 59  -  Various Food Restaurant

Al Hambra - Rai (Avenues)
Al Hambra - Rai (Avenues)

 12  -  Various Food Restaurant