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About Mana'eesh Am Darweesh

Am Darweesh lived between 1858 & 1972 and was famous in Bilad Al Sham with his unique "Mana'eesh" which he served for sultans.

We launch Am Darweesh's History and a Brand carrying his name to the world starting from Kuwait and we bring you back his Mana'eesh like you've never witnessed before in a variety, flavor, style & a great value.

Our mission is to provide our customers…

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Phone Number:(965) 22666672
Email:[email protected]
YouTube:Manaeesh Am Darweesh

Branches & Locations of Mana'eesh Am Darweesh in Kuwait

Am Darweesh - Ardiya
Am Darweesh - Ardiya

 37  -  Manakish & Fatayer

Am Darweesh - Manqaf
Am Darweesh - Manqaf

 23  -  Manakish & Fatayer

Am Darweesh - Hawally
Am Darweesh - Hawally

 18  -  Manakish & Fatayer

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