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 Mais Alghanim Restaurant

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About Mais Alghanim Restaurant

The origin of Mais Alghanim Restaurant dates back to 1953 when our founding father Edmond Barakat, opened a staff cafeteria for the employees of Yusuf Ahmed Alghanim & Sons Co., duly called “Mess Alghanim”.

This was the beginning of a long lasting relationship between the Kuwaiti & Expatriate communities and the late Abu Emile and his “Mess”. In a short time, the cafeteria became a meeting place…

Contact Info of Mais Alghanim Restaurant

Phone Number:(+965) 1821155 (To Go)
Email:[email protected]
Email:[email protected] (Catering)
YouTube:Mais Alghanim
P.O. Box:1182, Safat, Kuwait 13012

Branches & Locations of Mais Alghanim Restaurant in Kuwait

Mais Alghanim - Hawalli (To Go)
Mais Alghanim - Hawalli (To Go)

 52  -  Lebanese, Oriental Restaurant

Mais Alghanim - Mahboula
Mais Alghanim - Mahboula

 36  -  Lebanese, Oriental Restaurant

Mais Alghanim - Salmiya (To Go)
Mais Alghanim - Salmiya (To Go)

 24  -  Lebanese, Oriental Restaurant

Mais Alghanim - Shweikh (To Go)
Mais Alghanim - Shweikh (To Go)

 23  -  Lebanese, Oriental Restaurant

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