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About Géant Hypermarkets & easy Supermarkets

Way back in 1901, Groupe Casino was the first to introduce products of its own brand, thus becoming a pioneer in the ‘private label’ concept. In 1904, it registered brand Casino under which a range of products were developed. These products were of the same quality as international brands but had selling prices which were 20 % lower. This was done to combat competition by way of offering a unique product line that no other retailer could offer plus ensuring quality products at lower prices.

In May 2001 Géant opened its first store in Bahrain. This was followed by the 2005 opening of Géant Hypermarket Dubai. Backed by FU-COM’s strength in local retailing and in-depth knowledge of the region, and Groupe Casino´s extensive expertise in hypermarket operations, Géant is the embodiment of superb local adaptation of international standards in retailing. Géant’s customers benefit from a unique retail experience that is ideally suited not just to their needs, but also to their tastes and aspirations.

Today products from grocery, confectionery, dairy, homeward, health & beauty and perfumes are available under the Casino brand. Casino products have gained a reputation for good quality and value for money. This has allowed Géant hypermarkets to carry unique lines, thereby offering a cutting range of product mix that no other retailer can offer.

As these products are developed under the supervision of Casino, strict quality control in all aspects of production is adhered too. From good quality raw materials through to process and production each aspect is controlled and checked for the best output. All Casino products carry the Casino seal of guarantee. This guarantee ensures 100% satisfaction, if a customer is not satisfied with any of the Casino brand product they can get twice the original price paid for the product reimbursed.