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About The Diet Care

Established in 2005, Diet Care is among the first companies in Kuwait committed to helping people manage their weight, overall health and well being. With its passionate team of experts and its internationally accredited dietitians, Diet Care is now the leading provider of health and nutritional food and weight management programs, catering to thousands of clients on a daily basis and operating in more then 70 community and commercial outlets across Kuwait by providing healthy and delicious ready-to-meals.

Known as a first-mover in the health and nutritional market in Kuwait, Diet Care is the only nutrition center with its own microbiology lab. It is also the sole center accredited by the Arab Center for Nutrition, HACCP certified, and is awarded as a Kuwaiti Superbrand. In the last 10 years, Diet Care introduced more than 11 specialty, fitness, weigh loss and weight management programs, ready-to-eat meals, healthy hospital catering, and premium selection of programs and service to meet the different lifestyles of people in Kuwait.

It All Began With a Commitment to Care About People and Their Health

With Diet Care, diet is more than a recipe or a weight loss plan. We believe diet is about improving one’s entire quality of life. We believe diet is about nutrition, health, and even achievement.

We believe diet is about people and how they feel about themselves. We’ve been driven by these values since our establishment in 2005 and we continue to be guided by them, everyday.

First Movers in Everything We Do

Diet Care was among the first companies established in Kuwait committed to helping people manage their weight. Over the years, Diet Care has experienced an on-going success driven by quality product lines that are tasty, healthy, and fresh. Today, our growth speaks for itself.

We are the largest in our industry operating in 70 outlets and leading a modern fleet of more than 45 vehicles delivering over 1000 meals per day to clients’ homes and offices.

Our Difference

Diet Care is the only nutrition center in Kuwait with a microbiology lab:

• Diet Care has state of the art facilities and kitchens producing thousands of items daily

• Diet Care is the only caterer, health and nutrition center, or clinic in Kuwait certified by the Arab Center for Nutrition as well as HACCP Certified

• Diet Care has a proven track record for helping people lose weight and adopt healthier lifestyles with an average weight loss of 6 Kgs/month/customer

• Diet Care is a research driven company

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