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About Figs by Todd English Restaurant

Kharafi Global opened its first figs by Todd English restaurant in Kuwait at 360 Mall in the end of 2012. The Restaurant serves traditional and eclectic pizzas and handmade pastas. Currently, There are two figs restaurants in the Middle East specifically in Kuwait, one in 360 Mall and the most recent one is in the Grand Avenues / The Avenues Mall which was opened on April 2013.

Figs is an institutional restaurant located in Boston’s historical area of Charles Street. The restaurant is highly regarded with local residents and foodie tourists, it is also well known with Kuwaiti international students who attended the many prestigious colleges and universities of Boston.

Figs 360 occupies the focal of 360′s Mall Sky Lounge and has an open layout overlooking the public grounds of the Mall. After the successful opening of Figs by Todd English restaurant at 360 Mall, Kharafi Global was very keen to expand its existence in the most famous shopping malls in Kuwait “The Avenues Mall “, particularly in Grand Avenue which is an architectural masterpiece, with the boulevard extending 500 meters long and 22 meters wide. It is lined with shops along both sides, with small upper floor terraces, accessed by lifts and escalators, providing alternative access to the retail units on the first floor where you can find another masterpiece called “Figs by Todd English restaurant”. This diverse and unique environment of the district adds to the shopping experience of its visitors.

Figs Grand Avenue Branch specializes in the traditional and eclectic thin-crusted, free-form pizzas, topped with a variety of ingredients and baked in stone-fired oven. Handmade pastas using the finest ingredients are also featured on the menu as well as rustic salads, specialty plates and homemade desserts.

The using of sophisticated combinations of dark & earthy colors of leather and wooden elements create a warm and rich aesthetic feeling. The stone-oven also reflect a vibrant hub in the restaurant.

A variety of comfortable seating choices included: inside L-shaped connected banquettes along with separated leather tub chairs. Wooden chairs and tables aligned around the outside restaurant borders area.