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 Calorie Control - Merqab (Burj Jasim), Kuwait

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About Calorie Control (Burj Jasim)

A professional team of nutritionists and health experts working alongside a team of cooks headed by awarded Chef will make sure that you get what you are paying for, that is a delicious healthy food which will help you achieve your desired Weight and fight illnesses related to consuming unhealthy food.

But, we don't stop there... We deliver the above in style and by using the latest cut-technology…

Contact Info of Calorie Control (Burj Jasim)

Phone Number:(+965) 22021021
Phone Number:(+965) 98008001
Email:[email protected]

Address of Calorie Control (Burj Jasim)

 Kuwait :: Capital Governorate \ Merqab - inside Jassem Tower - Floor 14

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