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 Electrozan - West Abu Fatira (Qurain Market) Branch - Kuwait

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About Electrozan West Abu Fatira (Qurain Market) Branch

Electrozan was launched on 19/November/2006 as the first "Best Deal" Electronics and Home Appliances Store in Kuwait. Since that date we have served thousands of customers with our extensive range of Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances including:

• LCD, LED and Plasma Wide Screen Televisions
• Desktop and Laptop Computers
• Home Theater Systems
• DVD Players and Recorders
• Audio and Video Products
• Portable Media Players
• Home Appliances
• Air Conditioning and Heating Products
• Personal Care Accessories
• Mobile Phones and many more exciting gadgets and electronics available at the lowest prices.

Our Slogan:
The "Best Deal" and "Don't Pay More" are promises to our costumers that we do everything possible from bulk orders to minimal expenses to make sure you do get the absolute "Best Deal" and that you "Don't pay more" each and every time.

With over 200 suppliers shipping their products directly to our stores, we are able to considerably cut prices for our customers.

Many more of your favorite brands available at the absolute lowest prices.

Visit any of our Retail or online Stores to find that specific appliance/electronic you've been looking for.

Our employees are certified professionals and are happy and willing to assist you in your shopping experience