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About H&M Rai (Avenues, Grand Avenue) Branch

H&M offers fashion and quality at the best price through a broad and varied range of fashions for the entire family. The collections are extensive with new items in-store every day. This way, the stores are renewed and customers can always find something new at H&M. The goal is that it should be easy and inspiring to shop at H&M and customers should always be able to find something that suits their taste at the best price.

The diversity of the fashion range at H&M allows customers to find what they are looking for to complement their own personal style. There are several different concepts within the women's, men's, teenage and children's departments. All in all, the concepts consist of modern basics, current fashions and clothes that reflect the absolute latest international trends. The collections are supplemented by cosmetics, matching accessories, underwear and sleepwear.

The entire fashion range is seasonal and innovative. Cut, colours and garment types are constantly being replaced or renewed to keep up with current trends.

Founded in Sweden in 1947, today H&M operates over 2,500 stores in over 43 countries worldwide. The H&M store is now a well-established presence in most prominent shopping streets in Europe, Asia North America, Middle East and North Africa.

In London, for example, H&M is located on Oxford Street, in Paris on Boulevard Haussman, in Milan on Corso Vittorio Emanuele, in New York on Fifth Avenue and in San Francisco on Powell Street.

The store environment at H&M is comfortable, inspiring and generates well-being. It is very important to give customers ideas and inspire them to choose things that suit their own style. Displays and mannequins are used to provide customers with inspiration for how to match clothes. H&M also helps customers to find their way around the collection and to combine garments and accessories successfully.


- H&M has expanded substantially in recent years and today we have over 2,600 stores across 44 markets.
- H&M's clothing collections for women, men, teenagers and children are created centrally by around 140 in-house designers together with buyers and pattern makers.
- New goods are delivered to our stores daily. The stores are refreshed daily with new fashion items.
- Online shopping is currently available in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and the UK.
- H&M does not own any factories, but instead buys its goods from around 700 independent suppliers, primarily in Asia and Europe.
- H&M has 16 production offices in the biggest production markets.
- The Group employs over 87,000 people.