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 Dar Al Shifa Hospital - Kuwait

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About Dar Al Shifa Hospital

In 1963, Dar Al Shifa Hospital (DASH) was established as the first private hospital in the State of Kuwait. Originally, it was a maternity hospital located in Sharq, Kuwait city. Since that time, the hospital became a leading health care organization in the region.

In 1992, DASH went through a notable expansion under the ownership of Mr. Ali Jeraq who had a visionary goal to make healthcare services…

Contact Info of Dar Al Shifa Hospital

Phone Number:(+965) 1802555
Phone Number:(+965) 22231156 (Home Care)
Phone Number:(+965) 22231244 (Sick leave reports)
Phone Number:(+965) 22231286 (Admission Office)
Phone Number:(+965) 22231288 (Main Reception Office)
Phone Number:(+965) 22231777 (Insurance)
Phone Number:(+965) 22231843 (Admission Office)
Phone Number:(+965) 22650074 (Vita Home Delivery Service Items)
Phone Number:(+965) 60694101 (Home Care Hotline)
WhatsApp:(+965) 98765015 (Customer Service)
Fax Number:(+965) 22231001
Email:[email protected]
Email:[email protected]
P.O. Box:3390 Safat, 13034 Kuwait

Address of Dar Al Shifa Hospital

 Kuwait :: Hawalli Governorate \ Hawally - Beirut Street, opposite to Hawally Fire Station, Centerpoint, and Mughal Mahal Indian Restaurant

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Costa - Hawally (Dar Al Shifa)
Costa - Hawally (Dar Al Shifa)

 7  -  Western Café

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