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 Al Hamra Tower - Kuwait

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About Al Hamra Tower

In the heart of the city, Al Hamra is the gate of Kuwait’s business hub.

Al Hamra Tower is located in one of the most significant neighborhoods of the Kuwaiti capital. This neighborhood is Sharq, the home of many of Kuwaiti’s economic leaders over the past several decades.

In the past, Sharq was one of three neighborhoods within the walls of Kuwait and it was a central location for trade, fishing…

Contact Info of Al Hamra Tower

Phone Number:(+965) 1829000, ext: 6008
Phone Number:(+965) 22270200 (Luxury Center)
Phone Number:(+965) 22270222 (Business Tower)
Fax Number:(+965) 22233050
Email:[email protected]

Address of Al Hamra Tower

 Kuwait :: Capital Governorate \ Sharq - Jaber Al-Mubarak Street

Map & Directions to Al Hamra Tower

Branches & Locations of Al Hamra - Tower & Mall in Kuwait

Al Hamra Mall
Al Hamra Mall

 1,807  -  Mall, Tower

Al Hamra Tower
Al Hamra Tower

 21  -  Mall, Tower

Places inside Al Hamra Tower - Kuwait

Alghanim Automotive
Alghanim Automotive

 46  -  Automotive Company

Al Hamra Clinic
Al Hamra Clinic

 37  -  Beauty Clinic

Seazen Group
Seazen Group

 26  -  Food Company

Alghanim Motors
Alghanim Motors

 18  -  Automotive Company