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 Qualitynet - Jahra (Sahari Mall) Branch - Kuwait

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About Qualitynet Jahra (Sahari Mall) Branch

We are Kuwait’s leading provider of Enterprise Solutions, Data communication, ICT and Internet Services adhering to the needs of both corporate and Residential Customers.

Established in 1998 and leading the Industry since inception, we strengthen our commitment to technological development in the country, and will continue to cater to the interests of the nation.

==Why Qualitynet?==

Contact Info of Qualitynet Jahra (Sahari Mall) Branch

Phone Number:(+965) 1827827 (Residential Sales)
Phone Number:(+965) 22240000 (Corporate Sales)
Phone Number:(+965) 22413790
Phone Number:(+965) 24574484
Phone Number:(+965) 1804444 (Technical Support)
Email:[email protected]
Google Plus:QualitynetKwt

Address of Qualitynet Jahra (Sahari Mall) Branch

 Kuwait :: Jahra Governorate \ Jahra - Marzouk Al-Motab St., Sahari Mall, Basement Floor

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