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About Food Industries Company (FICO)

The company was founded in the late 70's after identifying the opportunity of the snack food market in Kuwait.

Food Industries (FICO) is a Kuwaiti Shareholding (closed) Company, established in the late 70's announcing the inception of the snack food industry in Kuwait. The work began with one production line producing potato chips (Munchos) under license from the American Pipsico Inc., USA, and with a man-power of less than 30 employees on the job. From that modest start and after twenty five years, FICO has become among the leading food companies in Kuwait.

FICO has expanded and improved the size of it's production by adding various divisions and departments with more than 200 employees, offering new marketing concepts. FICO is proud of its employees and quality products and it is also committed to expand in the area of modern food industry and to sustain it's role to keep up with the immense business competition in both local and foreign market.

Our Factory develops...

Our plant operates the most modern technology in fried and extruded production lines, electronic weighing machines and precise packing lines. Food Industries Company (FICO) has always been aiming at improving its production capacity in order to keep pace with the growing Kuwaiti market. As such, the company continues adopting the policy of utilizing the most up-to-date technology in its production facilities.

Since the 90's, Food Industries Company (FICO) insisted on using only natural ingredients, flavoring, and coloring in its products. This is due to its absolute belief that children's health is the most vital and essential criteria for any food industry in this line, hence ensuring the quality of FICO products is certainly a guarantee to the health of our children, and that is FICO's main objective.