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About Pinko Rai (Avenues) Branch

Launched in the early 1980s by Pietro Negra (current company chairman) and Cristina Rubini, Pinko is a contemporary fashion brand very much in the Italian spirit. Following one of Italy's finest traditions, now daughters Cecilia and Caterina Negra work for the family enterprise, respectively handling communications and coordinating the design department.

Pinko focuses on textile-styling research…

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Phone Number:(+965) 22200652

Address of Pinko Rai (Avenues) Branch

 Kuwait :: Farwaniya Governorate \ Rai - inside The Avenues Mall - Phrase 3

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Branches & Locations of Pinko in Kuwait

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Pinko - Zahra (360 Mall)

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Pinko - Rai (Avenues)
 Pinko - Rai (Avenues)

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