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 Bohsali Sweets - Salmiya Branch - Kuwait

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About Bohsali Sweets Salmiya Branch

Bohsali Serves a wide range of products varying from Arabic sweets and pastries, made by using the finest ingredients by highly qualified and experienced staff members.

The 130 year history of the brand name "Bohsali" in this industry promotes itself, especially on occasions such as The Holy Month of Ramadan, Eid, weddings and many other celebrations.

Bohsali's large variety of products and…

Contact Info of Bohsali Sweets Salmiya Branch

Phone Number:(+965) 1844111

Address of Bohsali Sweets Salmiya Branch

 Kuwait :: Hawalli Governorate \ Salmiya - Block 7, Intersection of Salem Mubarak Street and Hamad Al-Mubarak Street, inside Al Hamra Building, near Palms Palace Restaurant

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Branches & Locations of Bohsali Sweets in Kuwait

Bohsali - Hawalli
Bohsali - Hawalli

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Bohsali - Farwaniya
Bohsali - Farwaniya

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Bohsali - Salmiya
Bohsali - Salmiya

 33  -  Oriental Sweets

Bohsali - Mishref (Co-op)
Bohsali - Mishref (Co-op)

 32  -  Oriental Sweets