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About Bohsali Sweets Hawalli Branch

Bohsali Serves a wide range of products varying from Arabic sweets and pastries, made by using the finest ingredients by highly qualified and experienced staff members.

The 130 year history of the brand name "Bohsali" in this industry promotes itself, especially on occasions such as The Holy Month of Ramadan, Eid, weddings and many other celebrations.

Bohsali's large variety of products and competitive prices has satisfied the need and taste of a broad market for generations. In order to fulfill customer demand, Bohsali branches have been placed in prime locations facilitating the reach to all customers, including the many special orders catered to restaurants and the country's top leading hotels. Bohsali Kuwait also offers a door to door service which is available by delivery.

Bohsali has always been the number ONE choice for its taste and well presented quality products.