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About Patchi Chocolate Sharq Branch

Welcome to the pleasure of chocolate and the ultimate chocolate gifts offerings. A realm where sumptuous variety and distinctive quality meet the art of living. Our signature creations are the refined result of over 40 years of passion and savoir-faire.

Embrace a culture and unique heritage of exceptional chocolate gifts that make life exquisite. Patchi chocolate, boxes and gift arrangements invite…

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Phone Number:(+965) 22428989
Phone Number:(+965) 67011266
Fax Number:(+965) 22452259
Email:[email protected]

Address of Patchi Chocolate Sharq Branch

 Kuwait :: Capital Governorate \ Sharq - Al Dira Tower, Ahmad Jaber Street, facing police station

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Branches & Locations of Patchi in Kuwait

Patchi - Salmiya (Tala)
Patchi - Salmiya (Tala)

 81  -  Chocolate

Patchi - Jahra
Patchi - Jahra

 69  -  Chocolate

Patchi - Fahaheel
Patchi - Fahaheel

 52  -  Chocolate