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About Call It Spring Rai (Avenues) Branch

CALL IT SPRING is the perfect go-to for today's most killer shoes and accessories, coveted trends with equally pretty price-tags. It's the inspiration you feel when putting together a new look, the creativity of flirting with fresh styles. It's about discovery and freedom and making your fashion a show-and-tell for who you are. You call it love, we Call It Spring.

CALL IT SPRING is eternally youthful and charismatic, whether it's in our shoes or our store design. The new CALL IT SPRING flagship concept's space blends sleek, contemporary materials and striking textures, with eye-catching colours and neon-lit designs. In this new concept, the product spaces are gender specific: the ladies shop amongst floral detailed walls, mint accents and playful bird statues, while the gents find their picks amid bold concrete-like shelves and glowing red neon accents.

Both customers find each other in the seating area located under an impressive white, life-size tree fixture, hence the theme 'A boy and a girl meet under a tree'. The store environments capture the essence of the campaign and engage clientele with the latest trends at incredibly approachable prices. The store concept mix sleek contemporary materials, attractive textures and eye-catching colours to create a playful and inspiring environment for the customers.

Call It Spring is a unique trend destination showcasing accessible and fashionable collection where individuality and self-expression can bloom.