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 Nasser Sports Centre - Adan (Co-Op) Branch - Kuwait

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About Nasser Sports Centre Adan (Co-Op) Branch

Al Nasser, founded in 1984 in the belief that the first sign of success of a modern nation lies in the ability of its citizens to celebrate.

The company's success lies with the support of its parent company, Ahmed Mohammad Al-Rashed, the proceeded company, with its ambitious plans and opened chain of retail stores as stand alone stores & Co operative societies which is an integral part of Kuwaiti’s culture.

Al Nasser aims to catalyze the business of fashion, footwear & sports equipment through superior planning & commitment to provide exceptional Value to its customers.

The Company does Over 150 Million USD as turn Over, holds a strong grip on Kuwait Market boasting 43+ Stores in the country and its spread of additional 18 Stores across other nations Viz KSA, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq and Pakistan