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About Man'Oushe Bakery Sharq Branch

Man'oushe is the authentic Lebanese breakfast for all classes of society; namely the thyme or cheese ‘Man‘oushe With time making a ‘Man ‘oushe’ evolved from being baked only in the traditional forn (oven) to using the "Saj".

The Lebanese became innovative in using dfferent ingredients like meat) chicken and vegetables in making a Man'oushe. "Man'oushe" catapults every Lebanese to a lively childhood when every child would race his brothers to the neighborhood "forn" with a bowl of home mixed "zaatar" (thyme) and olive oil to get the hance to engrave his fingers on the dough creating a pattern from which the word "Man'oushe" (Engraved) came to be known.

Our Man'oushe is one of few symbols of the Lebanese traditions that join us together We are proud to share this tradition with what it symbolizes from sensation, nostalgic memories and exquisite taste.