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About Chocolateness Ardiya (Factory) Branch

Chocolateness is an exciting new concept managed by Kuwaiti youth. In 2007, four young entrepreneurs undertook an experiment in business. The product was an unbelievably rich and tempting chocolate molten cake. It had been lovingly baked and served at family dinners and on special occasions for generations. This business venture, a booth at a carnival selling this epicurean dessert, lasted only two…

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Phone Number:(+965) 1880033
Phone Number:(+965) 22960606
Email:[email protected]

Address of Chocolateness Ardiya (Factory) Branch

 Kuwait :: Farwaniya Governorate \ Ardiya - Ardiya Herafiya - Block 4, Building 16, Basement Floor 1, Unit 1

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Branches & Locations of Chocolateness in Kuwait

Chocolateness - Ardiya (Factory)
Chocolateness - Ardiya (Factory)

 31  -  International Desserts

Chocolateness - Abu Halifa (Co-Op)
Chocolateness - Abu Halifa (Co-Op)

 25  -  International Desserts

Chocolateness - Salam (Co-Op)
Chocolateness - Salam (Co-Op)

 19  -  International Desserts

Chocolateness - Khaldiya (Co-Op)
Chocolateness - Khaldiya (Co-Op)

 17  -  International Desserts