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About Froyo Jabriya Branch

Froyo, is a Kuwaiti Company runs under 100% Kuwaiti management.

It tells a success story of two Kuwaiti youth with vast experience in Management, in general and in restaurant field to be specific. Based on their experience they took Froyo off internationally with youth vitality and creativity. Those two youth are:

Mr. Abdulhameed Mousa Marafi - An executive Partner
Holds Master degree in Business…

Contact Info of Froyo Jabriya Branch

Phone Number:(+965) 1887788
Email:[email protected]

Address of Froyo Jabriya Branch

 Kuwait :: Hawalli Governorate \ Jabriya - Block 3B, Street 1, opposite Auto Inspection

Map & Directions to Froyo Jabriya Branch

Branches & Locations of Froyo in Kuwait

Froyo - Jabriya
Froyo - Jabriya

 43  -  Frozen Yogurt

Froyo - Mishref (Co-op)
Froyo - Mishref (Co-op)

 34  -  Frozen Yogurt

Froyo - Zahra (Co-op)
Froyo - Zahra (Co-op)

 25  -  Frozen Yogurt

Froyo - Daiya (Co-op)
Froyo - Daiya (Co-op)

 17  -  Frozen Yogurt