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  Just Falafel Restaurant - Egaila Branch - Kuwait (CLOSED!)

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About Just Falafel Restaurant Egaila Branch

Just Falafel is our food revolution. We are taking it across the world with passion, personality and a promise to serve authentic, honest and nutritious falafel.

Our recipe is to redefine tradition, revolutionize stereotypes and create a profound point of difference in the marketplace – we are not just falafel, we are a global community creating new stories and finding inspiration on our journey across the world.

From a single restaurant in Abu Dhabi, we have grown to be the biggest falafel franchise in the world with agreements signed with commitment of developing more than 903 outlets in 18 different countries and our dreams are set to continue.

With more seeds planted across continents, the coming journey will see our operation flourish from East to West and North to South, as we are proving that the world has an appetite for our food.

Our mission is to redefine the fast food category with great flavors, nutritious food and socially conscious behavior.