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About Bateel Rai (Avenues, 2nd Avenue) Branch

Well-known for its gourmet dates and chocolates, Bateel is also a brand of choice for fine food. Its luxurious boutiques showcase the full range of Bateel products, offer a wide variety of exceptional gifts, and adorn premium shopping destinations in major cities and airports, stretching from London to Jakarta.

The Bateel boutique offers a distinctly different experience. Renowned for inventing and cultivating the world’s only gourmet dates, today it is the ultimate indulgence and gifting destination. From our authentic dates and exquisite chocolates, pralines and truffles, to our other exclusive fine food products – it is an invitation to experience the exceptional.

Bateel brings new meaning to the art of gift-giving. Each gift bearing the Bateel name echoes a long tradition of gift offering and is a reflection of thoughtfulness and impeccable taste. Our wide selection of luxurious and traditional packaging offers suitable choices for all occasions, whether for family, friends or business associates. Each package awaits your selection of gourmet chocolates, dates or cookies.

Discover our collection of delicious gourmet foods and delicacies, all made from wholesome, natural products. From extraordinary dates and chocolates through date-infused sweets and savouries, to exquisite pastas and olive oil from Umbria, Italy, you will find a host of temptations. We are constantly developing our range of products in response to changing trends and the tastes of our valued customers.