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About Nayomi Jahra (Awtad) Branch

Nayomi was founded in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1992 as a single lingerie store, and 24 years later has evolved into a distinctive, leading brand within the region. It offers a number of key lines including fashionable lingerie, luxurious nightwear, stunning bridal ensembles, unique bath wear and slippers as well as an extensive range of fragrances.

Nayomi, which means ‘soft and delicate’ in Arabic, uses a variety fabrics, from cotton and satin to silk and chiffon, in their designs. All the prints that are utilized are unique to Nayomi, ensuring every collection is fresh and uniquely Nayomi.

Launched in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the brand now has 210 stores across the region including Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, UAE, Kuwait and Morocco.