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About Alarjowan United Real Estate

Al-Arjowan United Real Estate Company was established in 2008 to be one of the leading real estate companies in the region.

Our company is managed by professional and competent staff and executive managers who make it their priority to build strong work relations based upon the principles of partnership, considering our goals and customers’ interests and offer a versatile package of comprehensive services and integrated real estate products.
At Al Arjowan, we provide opportunities for investment and to develop real estate for our customers in Kuwait, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and other countries in Middle East while offering the highest revenues and the lowest risks.

In the beginnings of our company, we focused our work on marketing real estate locally and internationally but soon we widened our scope and currently we play a vital role as marketer and developer. We provide extensive real estate solutions as per the needs of the market and work now to own, market, develop and manage various real estate projects in Kuwait, the Middle East and other countries which are carefully selected. In addition to our successful office in Kuwait, our company owns various offices in Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Armenia and Canada and we seek to expand our customer base by providing creative and diverse activities to provide an added value to our customers.

Al-Arjowan offers different packages of products and services to its large customer base which include:

• Real estate developing
• Real estate marketing
• Real estate consulting
• Real estate evaluation and pricing
• Studies and research in the real estate market

We make it our priority to maintain our existing and gain new customers by providing the best real estate packages through offering the most competitive prices, the greatest revenues and high-quality services.

Why you should choose us

Our Message

Achieving full credibility and transparency as a fixed work approach as we choose our projects carefully to put our customers trust in the distinctive places; which make us study our projects carefully as we know that it is an important decision in the life of every family as the suitable real estate achieves gains as well as stability and security and continued happiness and we will continue our efforts and devote our full abilities to provide whatever our customers aim to.

Our Vision

- Seeking real estate distinctive investment opportunities with rewarding revenues.
- Innovating the best engineering designs
- Boundless ambitions in reserving the best place among the biggest real estate companies.
- Good vision and realization for modern mechanisms of developing real estate with maintain the Islamic features in architecture and rewarding revenues.

Our Services

1. Doing studies and investments related to real estate to avoid risks.
2. Find successful and suitable solutions suitable to provide time and effort.
3. Provide the best real estate investments with rewarding revenues through our great experiences.
4. Evaluate all real estate with might suit local and international variables.
5. Developing, managing and investing real estate for others.
6. Professional real estate marketing upon scientific bases.
7. After sale service and flowing up our customers to invest and manage real estate
8. Provide easy way for installment to enable each individual to own his piece of land or house with easy conditions for all.
9. Cooperate with companies and banks in adding real estate financing with easy and comfortable installments.

Our Purposes

1. Real Estate marketing with all its types (housing – commercial – agricultural).
2. Real Estate investment and developing residence, investment and commercial lands.
3. Building housing and commercial units and complexes.
4. Doing all works related to real estate development.
5. Doing economic studies and researches related to real estate.
6. Evaluating housing, investm