The Lebanese "Take Me Out" Version on LBCI


Take Me Out is a dating game show where 30 ladies try to find their perfect date and match.

Since the beginning of this October, LBCI started showing the Lebanese version of Take Me Out program that is presented by the Lebanese comedian actor Fouad Yammine.

We saw the show and actually felt that it's so entertaining whereby you laugh a lot through out the episode and you just feel positive regardless of some silly jokes that some girls try to share and regardless of the fact that some of the dates are fake.

Many are saying that the idea is so cheap and against our society traditions so what do you think about that.. . are you with or against?

You can watch Take Me Out every Sunday 9:40 pm on LBCI and LDC.

The show is directed by Bassem Christo and produced by Vanilla Productions - Rola Saad.

The Lebanese "Take Me Out" Version on LBCI

The Lebanese "Take Me Out" Version on LBCI