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About Al Jawad Restaurant

It was 1992 when Salami brothers who had a great recipe for bakery and pizza opened the AlJawad bakery in Tyre.

The bakery was an immediate hit and as years went by, the bakery was extended to a small restaurant that started serving in addition to pizza a collection of snacks and sandwiches.

In a couple of years, this small restaurant became an icon in the city and year after…

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Branches & Locations of Al Jawad Restaurant in Lebanon

Al Jawad - Tyre
Al Jawad - Tyre

 631  -  Shawarma, Various Food Restaurant

Al Jawad - Tyre (Abbasiyya Diversion)
Al Jawad - Tyre (Abbasiyya Diversion)

 143  -  Shawarma, Various Food Restaurant

Al Jawad - Beirut
Al Jawad - Beirut

 60  -  Shawarma, Various Food Restaurant

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