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The age long tradition of arabic pastry making has always been an essential part of Lebanese history, with Beirut being renowned for its excellence in this field.

One of the first established families in this industry was the Bohsali family. In 1878, Salim Bohsali opened the first outlet in Union Square, later known as Martyrs’ Square. In 1903, his son Saadeddine took over under the name of “Saadeddine…

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Branches & Locations of Amal Bohsali Sweets 1878 in Lebanon

Amal Bohsali - Hamra
Amal Bohsali - Hamra

 25  -  Oriental Sweets

Amal Bohsali - Kraytem
Amal Bohsali - Kraytem

 23  -  Oriental Sweets

Amal Bohsali - Jal EL Dib
Amal Bohsali - Jal EL Dib

 16  -  Oriental Sweets