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About Douaihy Lebanese Sweets

Douaihy Sweets is a family owned Lebanese Pastries shop selling a wide range of specialty sweets, French pastries, ice cream, confectioneries, and a catering department.

Founded in 1936 by Fouad Douaihy in Ehden, succeeded by his son Georges; Douaihy Sweets is a well-established brand and is now owned by the founder's 4 grandchildren.

What started as a small shop in Ehden in…

Contact Info of Douaihy Lebanese Sweets

Phone Number:(961) 04715315
Fax Number:(961) 04710949
Email:[email protected]

Branches & Locations of Douaihy Lebanese Sweets in Lebanon

Douaihy - Achrafieh (Sassine Square)
Douaihy - Achrafieh (Sassine Square)

 96  -  Oriental Sweets Shop

Douaihy - Beirut (Airport)
Douaihy - Beirut (Airport)

 73  -  Oriental Sweets Shop

Douaihy - Jounieh
Douaihy - Jounieh

 24  -  Oriental Sweets Shop

Douaihy - Sin El Fil
Douaihy - Sin El Fil

 21  -  Oriental Sweets Shop