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About Lolita Patisserie

Welcome to PATISSERIE LOLITA where perfect taste and distinctive quality start here....

We will always be to your side in every event, starting from your birthday to your graduation, engagement and wedding, your newborn baby and many more events...

We use the best and qualified ingredients in our creations, and we believe that teamwork is a primary factor where our professional staffs work…

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Phone Number:(+961) 03336398
WhatsApp:(+961) 03336398
WhatsApp:(+961) 76398369
WhatsApp:(+961) 76741774
Email:[email protected]

Branches & Locations of Lolita Patisserie in Lebanon

Lolita - Mreijeh
Lolita - Mreijeh

 2  -  Chocolate Store, Bakery

Lolita - Hadath (Karout)
Lolita - Hadath (Karout)

 0  -  Chocolate Store, Bakery

Lolita - Tahouitat El Ghadir
Lolita - Tahouitat El Ghadir

 0  -  Chocolate Store, Bakery