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About Al Rifai

Founded in 1948, Al Rifai is based on a timeless combination of traditional Middle Eastern roastery recipes and modern techniques for roasting nuts, coffee, kernels and seeds. With over seventy years of experience and knowledge in the art of roasting, we have perfected our recipes, ingredients and infusions to accommodate the most discerning of tastes. Our roasted nuts, kernels, seeds dried fruits…

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Phone Number:(961) 1584
Phone Number:(961) 01707107
Email:[email protected]

Branches & Locations of Al Rifai in Lebanon

Al Rifai - Mazraa
Al Rifai - Mazraa

 40  -  Roastery

Al Rifai - Achrafieh
Al Rifai - Achrafieh

 26  -  Roastery

Al Rifai - Mkalles
Al Rifai - Mkalles

 13  -  Roastery