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 Mestrah Derma Clinic - Nabatieh, Lebanon

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About Mestrah Derma Clinic

Located in Nabatieh, Mestrah Derma Clinic was established in 2014

As one of the leading clinics in the field, we aim to provide you with the best services, qualities,

& treatments to satisfy your beauty care/health care needs.

Our uniqueness is based on our exceptional performance that will not only serve your needs,

but also help you to dive into the relaxation of pampering yourself.

Contact Info of Mestrah Derma Clinic

Phone Number:(+961) 07767610
WhatsApp:(+961) 79190000

Address of Mestrah Derma Clinic

 Lebanon :: Nabatieh Governorate \ Nabatieh \ Nabatieh - Mahmoud Fakih Street, Daher Center, 3rd Floor

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