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 Blueberry Square - Dbayeh, Lebanon

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About Blueberry Square Dbayeh

BLUEBERRY SQUARE is located next to the Dbaye Marina, that includes a cluster of today's finest restaurants and pubs. Customers are offered a variety of choices to indulge in their favorite culinary and clubbing experience.

Its lighthearted and agreeable space encourages people to gather, connect and enjoy a savory getaway.

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Phone Number:(+961) 04524082
Phone Number:(+961) 71020009
Email:[email protected]

Address of Blueberry Square Dbayeh

 Lebanon :: Mount Lebanon Governorate \ Matn \ Dbayeh - Sea Side Road, Dbayeh Highway, Marina area, facing LeMall

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Couqley - Dbayeh (Blueberry Square)
Couqley - Dbayeh (Blueberry Square)

 12  -  French Restaurant