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Today Claire's Stores, Inc. is the leading specialty retailer of fashion accessories and jewelry for young women and girls. For the past 35 years, Claire's has continued to understand and connect with customers by providing a fun store environment to shop the right product categories and trends that resonate with the brands’ customer segment.

Our goal is to be the fashion authority in offering…

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Phone Number:(961) 01757117
Phone Number:(961) 01842293
Phone Number:(961) 01883063
Email:[email protected]
Email:[email protected]

Address of Claire's Dora (CityMall) Branch

 Lebanon :: Mount Lebanon Governorate \ Matn \ Dora - inside CityMall Dora - Basement 1

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Branches & Locations of Claire's in Lebanon

Claire's - Hazmieh (City Centre Beirut)
Claire's - Hazmieh (City Centre Beirut)

 22  -  Fashion Accessories

Claire's - Dora (CityMall)
Claire's - Dora (CityMall)

 12  -  Fashion Accessories

Claire's - Achrafieh (ABC)
Claire's - Achrafieh (ABC)

 8  -  Fashion Accessories

Claire's - Jnah (Spinneys)
Claire's - Jnah (Spinneys)

 4  -  Fashion Accessories

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